Thursday, 25 November 2010

The old man and the television- line test

The video below shows the line test for my '11 second club' animation, 'The old man and the television'. I have used my animatic sequence as reference for the timing, and also used a form of planning called a 'dope sheet' to plan out each individual frame. I am incredibly satisfied with the result, whereby I cannot see any major improvements which should be made when inking my final piece.

I am perhaps most proud of the background remaining perfectly still whilst the animation progresses, something which I have strived to achieve throughout my various animations so far, with varied results. For this animation, this was achieved by drawing the background details on a sheet of clear, heat-resistant acetate, which could be placed over each frame when capturing the animation, being secured in the same place each time using my peg bar. This is by far the most effective method I have used so far to create stable scenery, and one which I will definitely use again.

Improvements have been made since the animatic; firstly, the angle of the TV was changed to give a greater sense of depth to the scene, and the way in which the titular old man presses the remote to begin with was altered to something a little more reflective of his uncertainty with the device.

Finally, some elements have been left out for this test which will be included in the final version- the skirting board will be added to every frame to complete the background behind the old man, and I will add the animation principle of 'squash and stretch' to the TV for the frames where the old man hits it. Lastly, I shall add the TV remote whilst it is on the floor after being dropped. These were left out here as the purpose of this test was to ensure the animation for the character himself was correct. I may also add a title sequence similar to that featured in my previous animation, 'I be feedin' Father Christmas'.

Note: Unfortunately the video below is not great quality, so whilst I try to upload a better one, a much better version can be found via my facebook profile here:

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