Saturday, 13 November 2010

The old man and the television

My next animation project relates to timing; I am to animate to match an audio file which will ultimately be my first animation with sound! The story I have chosen to work with shows an old man, who has just bought a new TV, struggling to set it up- with typically disastrous consequences.

Below are the initial designs for the old man character- they cover a range of different styles, outfits and colour schemes to determine which would be the most suitable design for my final character.

From here, I selected the design which I felt had the most appeal and potential- which actually turned out to be the first design I did. I proceeded to make minor alterations in order to perfect the character:

With the old man finalised, I decided to create a 'model sheet' for him- a model sheet is a page depicting multi-angle views of a character, and is intended to provide a comprehensive reference tool when animating. From looking at this sheet, I can see what the character should look like from behind, for example.

I shall create a short animation from the model sheet soon- by putting these different angles in succession, I will be able to create a looping character rotation, which I feel will truly give the old man a three dimensional feel. 

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