Monday, 29 November 2010

The old man and the television

My '11 second club' animation is complete! From my line test, I was pleased to find that the timing was correct and the animation was smooth, and so the inking process was relatively straightforward. I made the necessary amendments of adding the skirting board lines to the background, and adding the TV remote to every frame after it becomes stationary on the floor (I did this by drawing it onto my acetate background as soon as it stopped moving). For the frames where the old man intersected the background lines, notably on the 'hit' frames where he impacts the TV, I had to re-draw the background onto the paper frame.

I did have a change of heart on adding 'squash and stretch' to the TV however. Though originally I had intended the TV to squash a little upon impact, I decided after my line test that it just wouldn't be believable- the TV is a solid object, much more solid than the old man. In the end, I felt it just wouldn't look correct for the TV to give way instead of him. Nevertheless, elements of squash and stretch remain in place, such as the old man's arm stretching as he hits out, and his fist actually becoming slightly larger with the hit to accentuate the action.

Overall, I am very pleased with the resulting piece, which contains believable character actions and matches the audio track well. With the use of acetate sheets to draw my background effectively as a separate 'layer' to the frames, I feel I have been able to achieve a far smoother animation. I was still restricted, as with my 20 second animation, to ensuring the character did not intersect the background too often which was a somewhat limiting factor when deciding how to animate the old man- but given the resources available to me and the technique with which I had to complete the short, I feel it is the best I could have done.

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