Monday, 6 December 2010

The old man and the television- references

References were used extensively when carefully crafting the look of my animation and capturing believable actions. I used a range of reference images in the form of a mood board when designing my character, I observed myself holding a remote to understand the hand positions of this action, and I looked at images of TVs and radios to capture authentic looking scenery. Furthermore, something I had not done before was to obtain a video reference of myself acting out the movements. This was very useful again, since it demonstrated to me how every part of the body moves in reaction/anticipation of a movement. For example, I noted that when the old man raises his arm to hit the TV, his stance must shift and his overall posture will alter too. As a result, I was careful to include this level of detail in my animation. 

The video references I used are below:

A selection of reference photos are featured below, showing how the hand looks when holding a remote control:

Following my reference videos/images, I created a series of quick sketches and drawings, as practice in refining a realistic look into something appropriate for my animation:

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