Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Steel vs. Iron- stop motion group task, final edited version!

Following the completion of the actual animation, one of the members of my group proficient with the Adobe After-effects program was able to edit the video, adding music and sound effects, as well as a nifty title sequence and credits. The title 'Steel vs. Iron' is of course a reference to Superman being 'the man of steel', vs. Iron Man. 

After the completion of our first stop motion group task, we feel that the main point for improvement is to aim for a smoother animation by using more frames. Naturally, we need to continue to focus on character performance, as is a key element of this module- even so, for our first real attempt at stop frame animation (and I should point out one with figures which were a little difficult to move at times) we are all very pleased with the final animation and look forward to developing our skills further over time.

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