Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Textures 1

As there is so much to learn for programs like Maya, we have been advised to apply some degree of specificity to this task- as in, do only what we need to do now, and learn the many other features at a later date! This mindset has lead me to my first batch of textures for my texture library, created using the offset feature in Photoshop (for my easy tutorial on how to create seamless textures in Photoshop, click here!) The range of textures below are all appropriate to my upcoming crazy golf animation, and may or may not be used in the final piece.

Rough brick- light brown:

Rough brick- yellow:

Rough brick- red:

Terracotta- speckled:

Terracotta- bumpy:

Terracotta- smooth:

Grass A:

Grass B:

I will create more textures in the near future, and no doubt find some great ones online too, so I shall post these as and when I get them.

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