Sunday, 16 October 2011

Advertising task- initial ideas and planning

At this stage, we are busy deciding how to approach this task with regards to our penguin/ Lipton Ice Tea idea discussed in a previous post. Nevertheless, I feel it would be useful to post our initial thoughts and suggestions as a mind map. Apologies for backtracking, but originally this consisted of some very rough scribbles in my note pad. I've only just redone it to a presentable standard! Here you can see the numerous other routes we considered for this project:

Thinking of an advert as a story, our initial penguin/ ice tea themed idea featured a three-act structure:

'A penguin, inside an igloo, settles down for the evening by making himself a cup of tea. But to his surprise, boiling the kettle begins to melt his home! Looking for a colder alternative, he discovers Lipton Ice Tea, and finally he can relax, drink his tea, and not have to worry about the temperature.'

Of course, the idea would be more fleshed out for the final advert, and at this point is isn't yet decided if this is the storyline we want to proceed with. As always, I'll post any other ideas as and when we have them!

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