Monday, 10 October 2011

Advertising task- planning session

Today, my group met to discuss potential ideas for our advertising project. As mentioned in a previous post, the key word was 'hydrate'. After having individually created lists of different ideas, we set about taking each into consideration to ultimately come to an agreement on what we would like to work on.

There were important factors to consider both with regards to the content and the way in which it would be created. Despite us all working together, we actually each have different project briefs, which was a minor concern for us at the start. For example, the Visual Communications students are set to learn many different types of animation this module, free to choose whatever form they like for the animation. The animation students however need to produce work focusing on a digital medium. We agreed therefore that for us all to develop a substantial body of work throughout the module, it would be best if we did make use of some digital techniques, even if they do not account for the majority of the advert.

The second thing to keep in mind was the feasibility of the ideas being proposed. Brian (at and I were conscious that we must be able to complete the animation, and do so within the allowed time frame. Our involvement in this project will be to create the animated portions of the advert, based on the designs/script etc. produced by the students from other courses. Nevertheless, we must have some degree of input early on to help guide the concept towards something manageable, and to ensure that we are given enough time at the end to get everything done!

Inspired by the popular 'Compare the Market' and 'Fox's Biscuits' adverts, examples of which can be seen below, we decided that our advertisement campaign should revolve around a character that customers can associate with. Our current working idea is penguins! With the key word of hydrate, we have several ideas of how to make this idea relevant (the current one being ice tea- penguins like it cold!).

With regards to the animation techniques we are considering, anyone who follows either mine or Brian's blogs regularly will know that we like to try things that are new and challenging. For this task, we quite like the idea at the moment of having a cartoon penguin interacting with the real world. A good example recently would be the Wrigley's chewing gum adverts:

That's it for now! We'll meet up again shortly to discuss the idea further, and hopefully we can begin to design our character and plan out our advert with a storyboard. As always, I'll keep you updated on our progress.

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