Monday, 17 October 2011

Digbeth project- observational drawings

As with my various projects from last year, drawing from observation is important in perfecting a style, or simply becoming accustomed to drawing a particular object, etc. With our animation planned to revolve around still background images on planes, featuring iconic locations from Digbeth's history, it was necessary to explore both appropriate drawing styles, and become familiar with the aesthetics of these locations. Each image below has been created as a line drawing and as a full-colour image, in the hopes that they may soon come in useful when we create our animatic.

The drawings of The Old Crown Inn and The Golden Lion pub were based on the range of reference images previously posted here. For the oak tree and 1950s train however, I made use of new reference images, which are posted alongside the respective drawings.

The Old Crown Inn:

The Golden Lion pub:

Oak tree:


1950s steam locomotive: 


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