Monday, 17 October 2011

Digbeth project- the solution is simple!

After meeting once more to discuss our ideas, we realised that our plan for this animation was lacking something. Unlike our other works so far, there was a distinct lack of humour. The animation was to consist of a man walking for a few minutes, so we began to question whether a viewer would become bored. Was there enough going on to break up the monotony, to keep each part fresh and appealing? Also at the back of our minds was the worry of the final deadline, which always comes faster than you expect!

Our process so far has consisted of us individually drafting out our own ideas, before discussing them with the group. The problem is that this led to inconsistencies in the storyboard. It was necessary to decide on a final story between us, and this meant designating one person to produce the storyboard based on our agreed content.

Wishing to create something more aesthetically-pleasing, we have now opted to eliminate the 'changing art styles' idea from previous iterations, opting instead for a consistent and simplified style throughout. This should prevent the viewer from becoming disconnected from the animation as the story will flow far more smoothly. The simple visual style, using bright colours from the outset, should help to keep the viewer interested and attentive, whilst concurrently creating the right atmosphere for the animation (one positive, to promote Digbeth as a nice place to live). As a bonus to us, it will be more straight forward to animate, ensuring that we can complete the project well within time and have a buffer period at the end to make any necessary amendments.

Further hoping to keep the viewers interested, we aim to include some humour where appropriate. Of course, we are not straying all that far from our previous storyboard designs- we are merely looking at them in a far less serious light, enabling us to create something more creative, surreal and cartoon, without compromising too much of the content or message that we are trying to convey. The techniques we intend to utilise remain the same as discussed previously.

As follows you will find the character design that we have in mind- a simple cartoon man, inspired by the visuals of video games 'Alien Hominid' and 'Worms' (both of which I have included reference videos for below):

Here is a test visualisation of how our new simplified style could look at the beginning of our animation- before Digbeth as we know it was built!

Having discussed what content to cut and what to change from our previous storyboards, it is my job now to create our final storyboard. Expect it to be uploaded later in the week! 

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