Sunday, 9 October 2011

Digital animation- Advertising task

The second module of my second year is a continuation of my 'Intro to Digital' module from last year. This time, we have far greater freedom in how we approach the task, and what programs we decide to use. 

The project is a collaboration across the Visual Communications department, where animators, graphic designers, photographers and advertising students (there's probably some more that I've forgotten, too!) work together to create an advertising campaign. The key word is 'hydrate'- it is up to us to decide the product or service to advertise that bears some relation to this term.

As you might imagine, it is likely that the animators (including myself) will take a back seat early on- our involvement will come into full effect when we begin to make the advertisement, which should be created to fill a standard 30 second TV slot. Nevertheless, I will keep my blog updated with any work that we produce, and keep you up to speed on the project direction.

Throughout this part of my course, I will be learning many new digital animation techniques. So far, we have had tutorials in Autodesk Maya, covering the basics of character model rigging and animation- something that we did not cover last year. Also, I have been getting reacquainted with Adobe Flash, a digital 2D animation program that I have some experience with thanks to my Sixth Form ICT course.

The videos below are playblasts taken directly from Maya, following my first character animation tutorial. We were provided with a simple, pre-rigged character model, and tasked with animating a jump. This was an interesting experience- remembering that each part of the model must be moved and key-framed independently was tricky at first, but something I feel I soon got used to. After a basic jump was completed, I tried to make it a little uneven, with one leg landing slightly before the other. This helps to create more believable, realistic animation, since no movements in reality are perfectly symmetrical.

In addition to these two Maya videos, I also have a video of my recent test with Flash. It features Pac-man! It's very basic, but was useful in getting myself familiar with a program that I haven't used in years!

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