Saturday, 22 October 2011

Digital module- Learning further techniques

This week, I have learnt several new techniques with Adobe Flash. In addition to becoming more proficient using the timeline, I attended tutorials showing me how to make objects follow a path, I learned more advanced drawing and colouring techniques, and created a brief example of a 'reveal' animation, using layer masking to hide certain areas of an image from view, then animating the mask to reveal more of the image as time goes by. I also made a button for the first time, using coding to determine what happens when a cursor hovers over the button, as well as when the button is clicked.

I am still experiencing a myriad of very frustrating file format issues relating to Flash and After Effects, for which it seems nobody has any explanation. As a result, I am currently unable to upload some of my work. These are of course very basic tests, however I am still disappointed that I cannot keep my blog fully up-to-date with my work for this module.

I was able to convert one of my tests; a UFO flying around a planet! 

This animation utilised a simple oval path for the spaceship to follow, and several background layers to enable it to disappear behind the planet where appropriate. I will continue to search for a solution to the problems I am having (which appear to be a problem with the University computer systems more so than anything else) and if I do manage to sort them out, I will upload the rest of my tests. 

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