Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Digital task post update!

At long last, I have finally managed to convert my Flash animation test into Quicktime format! You honestly would not believe how difficult such a seemingly simple task has been.

Firstly, Adobe Flash refused to convert my file to Quicktime format, so I was left to find an alternative solution. Online converters didn't work, so I tried to import the .swf file into Adobe After Effects to save the resulting composition as a Quicktime file. 

Oddly enough, both my personal computer and those at university could not successfully render the composition- on both occasions, After Effects stated there was not enough memory available to render the video, which (being an extended version thanks to being looped) weighed in at (only) five seconds long.

This is an issue that I have not yet resolved, so if anyone knows why these RAM errors occur and how to prevent them, I'd be very grateful if you could leave a comment below!

As promised, I have updated the original post with the video, which you can find here. Enjoy!

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