Friday, 18 November 2011

Advertising task- final animatic scenes

UPDATE (20/11/11): The full animatic is now featured below. I hope you like it! 

Our advert animatic is complete! Yesterday, we were able to use the sound recording studio at university to record the narration and dialogue as per the script, in addition to completing the remaining few scenes.

Due to time restraints for this week's interim presentation, we were unable to fully animate every scene. A couple of scenes (below) were added as still images- though they will be completed properly for the final piece. A further point is that, at this moment in time, the full animatic totals up to 57 seconds- the final piece shall need to be edited to fit in a forty second slot. Here are the final scenes that I created, as well as the full animatic pieced together and completed by Brian at Enjoy!

The introduction sequence:

The final product shot:

The long shot of the courtyard:

The 'Bruce Lee drinks' shot:

The completed animatic:

From viewing the final video, it is apparent where the cuts and additions need to be made. It seems there is too much emphasis on the intro, and too little emphasis on the fight sequence. The latter is of greater importance, since we are trying to convey the idea that keeping hydrated keeps you at the peak of physical performance. Also, personally I would like to see the courtyard scenes leading up to the fight arranged in a slightly different order to how they are seen in the animatic, as I feel the imagery would flow better- though this is something that will need to be discussed with my group.  

Following our presentation, I am pleased to say that comments were resoundingly positive! Some minor improvements were suggested, such as changing the colour scheme for the product shot to something more refreshing (i.e. blue hues as opposed to warm colours), and adding some kind of lake or waterfall inside the cave, more prominently highlighting the source of the water.

Having thought about these points, I am inclined to agree. Perhaps we could change the scene where Bruce collects the water bottles- currently, an ancient contraption filters the water directly into the Volvic bottles, and Bruce collects them. Maybe the principles behind our animation would be better understood by having an unmarked mysterious lake instead of a shrine, and Bruce simply collects some of its special water in a bottle? A less obvious 'source of natural power' might appear as more of a riddle or test for the hero to figure out, in order to reach enlightenment. This would explain why no one has discovered the source in centuries. Let's be honest- it couldn't be that hard to find if Bruce is able to just walk in and take the bottles!

Either way, our animatic has been successful, and the next step for me is to begin work on the final piece. Some of the animatic assets can be reused, which should save time, and the majority of the animation will be animated in the exact same way, so we do have a very detailed plan of exactly what to do.

For now however, our Digbeth project is a far more pressing matter, and so for the next couple of weeks I plan to focus my attention on that task (which has a shorter deadline). I will continue to post any continuations of this project as and when they arise in the meantime.

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  1. lol, love the animatic, cant wait to see the finished animation.