Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Advertising task- Story notes and basic storyboard designs

With our advert idea in place, it was time to finalise the story both visually and in terms of narrative. Whilst it will be the job of the illustrators in our group to produce the final storyboard upon which we will create the animation, each of us had input into the direction of the advert and I myself created a series of sketch storyboard panels to establish potential colour schemes, layouts and scenes. Below, you will find our plan for the story, as well as my sketch storyboard ideas. Bear in mind that these sketches were only tests- where an interim frame would be needed, I have included a placeholder text box informing the illustrators what needs to be seen.

The story will be created as a motion comic, the aesthetic style reminiscent of comic panels. Some information filling in the viewer could be given by text boxes in the top left of the screen (little yellow ones for places, eg. 'meanwhile...' and blue ones for character's thoughts I think is standard). The story will feature narration at the beginning, as well as a voice over at the end for the product shot.

The image below should help give you an idea of the mood each frame needs to convey (such as the cave featuring some purple which is synonymous with mystery).


We begin looking from a distance at a remote mountain range. A text box informs us that we are 'Somewhere in Japan...' The trees and rocks should look Japanese.  We cut to a series of closer frames, converging on an ancient temple built on the side of a mountain, as narration begins the story:

'Legend tells of a mysterious spring hidden deep in the heart of the mountains- the secret to extreme performance. One lone warrior braves a perilous quest, in search of enlightenment... and hydration.'

We see Bruce Lee from behind, waist-up, as he walks through an abandoned yet lush courtyard, to some steps that lead up to a mysterious cave.

Cutting to a shot from inside, Bruce walks across a narrow rocky platform, to be confronted by an ancient irrigation contraption, made from bamboo, pumping water from a hidden secret source deep within the mountain. He follows the bamboo, noticing that the water drips directly into Volvic bottles. He bends down, and collects two sacred bottles.

Cut to a shot of Bruce leaving through the cave entrance, before being ambushed by ninjas, jumping from ledges, rooftops and out of trees. They surround him and draw weapons.

Lead ninja: 'You have led us to the source! Now, hand over the sacred bottles!'

Cut to a shot of Bruce, looking at the enemies, figuring out what to do. He rips his shirt to get a length of material, and quickly ties it to the bottles to create makeshift nun-chucks. Engaging in combat, he promptly defeats the army of ninjas. Fighting is thirsty work, and once the ninjas are all unconscious, he opens a bottle and drinks the water.


To finish, cut to a close up product shot of a bottle of Volvic atop a glowing shrine in the cave. A voice over reads:

'Volvic mineral water... a natural source of POWAAAAAAAAAA!' (A three second pause is standard).

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