Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Digbeth project- animatic

With the storyboard complete, it was essential to get some sort of idea of what the animation might look like when played through. Using the storyboard images that I have created over the past few weeks, Brian (at was able to make an animatic, complete with an admittedly very catchy piece of music!

You will probably notice that the animatic totals up at around one minute twenty seconds- a bit shorter than the suggested three to five minutes for this project. But never fear! The final piece will indeed meet this target. Due to the way in which the background, drawn as a continuous image, needed to be divided into panels for the storyboard, a great deal of time is cut since the background flies by. When the background moves smoothly, there will be much more time for viewers to notice and appreciate the wealth of cultural references included in the piece, and the need to pause in order to read the text pop-ups will be eliminated almost entirely. Furthermore, the background people, signs etc. will not be static in the final piece- all of these elements should have some form of animation to them to make the animated Digbeth world feel even more alive.

As mentioned in my last post, we are now at work making effectively a line test, using the exact same assets seen here. Using Adobe After Effects, we will be separating the various layers and panning continuously across the long background image. The resulting piece will be far more representative of what the final animation will look like when complete. The benefit of this quick test has been seeing the images in some kind of motion. From this, we can safely say that we feel the number of buildings, time periods, characters and moving background elements is more than sufficient, and from this point on we know more clearly than ever exactly what we need to do to make our final piece. 

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