Friday, 16 December 2011

Advertising task- Final animated advert!

EDIT (16/12/11): 

You may have noticed that for some reason, the scene in which the ninjas demand Bruce Lee hand over the sacred bottles was absent from the posted version of the advert! This was an accident we did not notice until after rendering the video, and so the advert has now been corrected to include this scene once more. The final (this time for sure!) advertisement is now included at the very bottom of this post, running just a little longer than the other version. I shall leave the previous video here so you can compare the two versions. The re-added scene, making this piece exactly as originally intended, took me quite a while to make, so I hope you agree that the final version is better!


Our advert is complete! Since the animatic, we have been hard at work giving the scenes that worked a new lease of life, and completely revamping those that didn't work so well. I am very pleased with the final animation, which I feel meets the brief and demonstrates the acquisition of a wide range of new skills. The advert is very suitable for its target audience, and should prove entertaining for viewers- I hope you like it!

To save reiterating what is posted elsewhere, please head on over to the 'Project evaluations' page for my full write-up of this project.

Corrected version:

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