Saturday, 17 December 2011

Digbeth project- featured on!

UPDATE (19/12/11):

Our animation now has a dedicated page over at! Here's the link:

Once again, a big thank you goes to Nicky Getgood for her continued support of our work!


I am proud to reveal that my recently completed 'History of Digbeth' animation, created by myself and Brian Lobeda at, has been featured online, courtesy of

Described as "a rather brilliant walk through Digbeth’s colourful history", the video has been posted alongside a selection of work by other talented animators at Birmingham City University. You can check it out through the link below:

Many thanks to Nicky Getgood for the post! Any publicity and recognition is greatly appreciated, especially when it's free! Congratulations go to everyone else who has had their work featured!


  1. Hi

    Thank you for the lovely animation - a brilliant walk through Digbeth's rich and colourful history, I really enjoyed it! I've dedicated a page to this so it's easy for future readers curious about the area to find, hope that's ok.

    Cheers, Nicky

  2. Hi Nicky,

    Thanks very much for the reply, you're more than welcome for the video! I shall update this post with the link you have kindly provided!



  3. Hi Michael,

    I work with Nicky on the blog but also represent Digbeth Residents Association (

    I would really like to chat to you about your Digbeth animation; I'd be grateful if you could drop me an email at

    Thanks, Pam.