Thursday, 26 January 2012

Business of animation- Kino 10 development

Kino 10 is an up-and-coming 'alternative to mainstream film exhibition'. Of the available live briefs for me to approach for this module, I have decided to create a short animation to serve as an indent to be played before film screenings and used on the internet for marketing and to raise awareness.

The brief requires me to make a 5-20 second animation which is creative and should raise interest into what Kino 10 provides. It is established in the brief that the indent should 'say something about film history', looking at film past and future, and that Kino 10 has a penchant for stop motion animation.

I am looking to specialise in stop motion animation, and so this brief is very appealing to me. I have some ideas that I quite like on how exactly to implement stop motion for this piece, and am in the process of perfecting a storyboard for my full idea.

In the meantime, as follows you will find a test produced using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. This test explores a Kino 10 logo shot that I am quite fond of. When I first viewed the logo, my first thought was that it resembled a classic film reel! I have translated this idea directly into a brief animation below:

The current Kino 10 logo
I am very pleased with this test, for which I learnt a good amount of new techniques. The use of vector graphics in After Effects, capable of being scaled without losing quality, is certainly very useful. The beam of light was created using an effect called 'fractal noise', stretched to form light rays. In addition, 'particle playground' was used in conjunction with a specific layer style to create the impression of dust particles floating in the air, only visible in the light.

The pastel visuals used match the aesthetics of many Kino 10 promotional posters, which is a plus! As aforementioned, I am still in the process of refining my full storyboard and intend to run the idea past a small focus group for their opinions first. It is my intention to build upon the style and content established here to create an animation that meets the brief, combining many different forms of animation into one! More on this project soon!

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