Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Digbeth Summit- Keeping Digbeth Different promotion

As regular followers of this blog may know, my 'History of Digbeth' animation, (completed for my Narrative module last term) was featured mid December on Digbeth.org

I am proud to reveal that, following this feature, I received a request to adapt the piece to promote the upcoming Digbeth Summit, where influential people from the district will be providing their opinions on the biggest topics currently affecting Digbeth!

For the past few weeks, Brian and I have returned to our project, and made a fair amount of improvements. I made no secret that we were pressed to finish the piece by the module deadline at University, and as a result did not have the time to complete the animation to the standard that we would have liked. This opportunity therefore provided us with ample time to finish off what we couldn't before, and I am incredibly pleased with the results! See the (new) final version below!

Here is a quick overview of the improvements made:

  • Animation length reduced from 6 minutes to 2- new animation is more specific than last, and focuses on important information
  • Objects on different layers repositioned to close gaps in scenery
  • Text sections reworked with new effects, better timing and visuals
  • Character animation touched up to remove ‘skip’ in walk cycle
  • Sky/building background line work edited
  • New effects added (motion blur, rising smoke from chimneys, exhaust fumes on vehicles, steam on train, sparks on blacksmith text)
  • Added Digbeth Summit information screen at the end
  • Foreground elements (tree, market stall, Ty.Phoo protestors) redone to improve animation and remove wobbling seen in original version
  • ‘From the old… to the new!’ graffiti redrawn with custom artwork (original version was based on existing graffiti font letters)
  • Reduced length of animation means that the music lasts the whole length of the video- ‘pause’ in music from original no longer exists 
  • Correction/removal of various errors and imperfections from 3D scenery

I'm sure you will agree that the improvements were well worth it, creating an animation far more watchable and suited to its purpose! Many thanks to Pamela Pinski from the Digbeth Residents Association for her interest and support of our work! Brian and I have both been invited to attend the Digbeth Summit on February 16th, and certainly hope that people like the animation and that everything goes well!

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