Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Adobe Illustrator and After Effects test- spaceman

Throughout my 'Business of animation' module so far, we have worked through a range of tutorial sessions helping us to develop new skills with various different programmes. I am in the process of rendering videos of these tests to post here, to include as part of my module work. As follows is my most recent test, whereby I needed to create a character in Adobe Illustrator and then animate a walk cycle with it in After Effects, using the puppet pin tool:

This test was useful practice for me, particularly with Illustrator. Whilst I have used the programme before, I had never really used layers (opting instead to create everything in one layer and arrange objects in front/behind one another). With this task, I can say that I am now far more comfortable with the user interface of Illustrator, and using layers (in a similar way to how I would in Photoshop) has enabled me to create better work. Further practice using a range of other tools, such as the pen tool, and practice adding colours and gradients has been invaluable.

With regards to After Effects, I am pretty confident now, and have already had a good deal of practice using the puppet pin tool having experimented with it and used it in various projects over the last few months. I have not created a walk cycle using it before though, and so this was also good practice. I am pleased with the end results!

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