Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Business of animation- Italian Month final video

Having taken on board the points for improvement discussed alongside my storyboard and animatic for the 'Italian Month' bumper for TV channel 'Food Network', I have been hard at work producing the final version.

In addition to the improvements suggested previously, I have altered the timing, added a menu as a means to deliver the 'Italian Month' title (since text alone was difficult to read against the tabletop backdrop), and created a good amount of custom images to replace the temporary images used in the animatic. Here is the final version:

Whilst creating this animation, I made use of a wide variety of techniques. Of course, motion graphics are supposed to be simple and fast to produce. I have been using Adobe After Effects for the last few months and definitely feel I have learnt a great deal about the program in that time. I can now use a decent range of skills to create a variety of different outcomes quite effectively. Using the software's 3D capabilities, for example, felt natural and I was able to create the illusion of a three-dimensional pizza box without encountering any problems! In fact, this was excellent practice using parenting (something I had not really used before) with all of the layers comprising the box's tabs needing to be parented to the lid, such that they move concurrently.

A further new technique I have learnt is that of using displacement maps, though I will admit that I am still very new to this and so found a handy tutorial online to help me, whereby I created a waving Italian flag for my end splash screen. The tutorial is featured below:

I am very pleased with the end result of this animation, which I feel is an entertaining and appropriate advert to promote a month of Italian food-themed programming. All of the relevant and necessary information has been displayed, and the animation matches the given audio very well. So far this project, I have learnt some new skills and had a fair amount of experience to develop existing ones further.  

Here are the images that I have drawn recently for use on the splash screen of this animation:

These drawings were created in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet. Having been using my tablet for a year or so now, I certainly feel I have improved and become rather proficient. These pictures did not actually take long to produce! I am also becoming better at drawing in different styles, opting here for a focus on texture. 

Having completed one animation, I can now proceed with the next one- though I have plenty of time to alter this one should I need to in the near future! I know early on I decided that I would approach this project one animation at a time, but with one down and my Kino 10 idea coming along nicely (I am still unsure what techniques to use for the planned beginning of that piece) I felt that I had plenty of time to take on another animation to increase my portfolio of work. 

Recently, I discovered that (much like this Italian Month advert) the other available project briefs had audio that we would need to use. For the remaining two ideas, namely 'Street Food Month' and 'Sugar Rush Sundays', the provided audio tracks are only five seconds long. With time in mind, I realised that these would not take too long to plan and create at all, and so devised an appropriate idea for the 'Sugar Rush' ad. I will be planning this out properly soon, and as usual will post the work when it's complete.

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