Monday, 20 February 2012

YouTube channel announcement!

This is something I no doubt should have done a long time ago! As a result of the recent 'Wallace & Gromit' competition that I entered (you can find my post on this here) requiring me to upload my entry to YouTube, I now have a YouTube channel, on which I shall upload all of my final animation project videos.

You will no doubt have noticed that my last couple of posts have included much clearer, better quality videos of my work! From now on, I shall post my work here by embedding the videos from my YouTube channel, as opposed to uploading them directly through Blogger.

Please feel free to check out my YouTube channel linked below:

As you can tell from the link, my username is MichaelJPrice90. From now on, I will be looking to use my YouTube channel, blog and FaceBook account in synergy to help get a far better web presence and public exposure for my work.


  1. its about time mike! lol. i'd suggest signing up for vimeo as well. You can then join groups and people tend to give more feedbacks, which is a-lot more social compared to youtube :D

  2. Thanks Andy, Josh suggested the same thing today actually! It'd be a good idea to use both I think, I'll sign up soon :)