Friday, 2 March 2012

Business of animation- CMX communications infographic

My 'Business of animation' module at university is focused on learning and developing a good working practice for taking on small commercial projects in industry. In a tutorial session my tutor provided me with a project that he himself had worked on, along with the documents that he had been given, to practice working from a brief to meet exact client specifications.

Please note that I did not personally create any of the Adobe Illustrator assets seen in this animation. My task was to animate these assets, using Adobe After Effects, with the aim of matching the provided storyboard and audio file as closely as possible. This project took three days to complete! 

I am very pleased with the results! Overall I did not find this task too difficult, using a variety of techniques learnt during previous projects. I am also very satisfied with the amount of time taken to complete this piece! In industry, deadlines are often very tight- usually a couple of days. I am proud to have been able to complete this animation in just three days, considering I am relatively new to both After Effects and the concepts of motion graphics/infographics.

As I use After Effects more, I am noticing that as I grow used to a particular tool, I begin to use it in more advanced ways. For example, I have moved objects before and key-framed positions in 3D space, yet only recently grown confident with adjusting bezier points on their motion paths, including the understanding and use of 'keyframe interpolation'. Similarly, I have definitely gotten a great deal better dividing a large project up into smaller compositions, and working with these concurrently- which was essential for this task due to the amount of camera movements and objects whizzing on and off screen!

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