Monday, 19 March 2012

Business of animation- Kino 10 final animation

My Kino 10 animation is finally complete! This piece was always intended to be the main animation created for my 'Business of animation' module, and so it seems fitting that right before deadline, I post this as my finale!

Having been in planning and development stages for so long, it was nice to work on the final piece, during which I really tried to push myself and my abilities further than I have before. As a result, I have made far more progress this module than I had thought I would with regards to CGI, and working with different programs in synergy!

I hope you like my animation:

The countdown detailed at the end of my last post was created separately in Adobe After Effects and, along with the Maya-rendered video, composited in a second composition:

Before rendering my final animation in Autodesk Maya, I made certain to playblast the motion at various stages to ensure that the timing was correct and the camera's path was how I had envisioned. You can see a big difference between my first and last tests below!

Overall, I am perhaps more pleased with this animation than I have been with any of my animations this year so far! I thought I would never say this- but I actually look forward to using Maya again for my Digital module's infographics project now!

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