Monday, 5 March 2012

Digital module- Infographics animation research

In the last few days, having made substantial progress in my 'Business of animation' module over the past weeks, I have turned my attention back to my digital animation module's 'infographics' project.

Way back in my first post relating to this project, (which you can find here) I stated that I had some existing knowledge on the subject of the causes of traffic jams thanks to a TV documentary a while ago. As luck would have it, I have found the episode, which you can watch below! The programme, entitled 'Britain from Above', originally aired on the BBC in 2008. Believe me, I was shocked when I realised it was nearly four years ago when I last saw this!

The relevant information can be found in part 2 below, beginning around the 16 minute mark- though I would recommend watching the whole thing! It's actually very good!

It was actually really useful to see this again! I had not remembered the CGI representation of the traffic jam used in the video, and have to say that it accomplishes a lot of the things I need to in my infographic. It is perhaps the colour scheme that interests me the most- everything is in black and white, except for the vehicle brake lights, which shine red. This is a great idea, for it highlights the fact that everything is slowing down to a standstill, making it all the more noticeable and drawing your attention. Whilst the information provided in the video is nothing new compared to the existing research I have done (and indeed from the original infographic itself), I may well apply a similar technique as this to emphasise the stopping and starting of cars in my own animation.

I have almost finished my first storyboard for my infographics animation, along with a modified and more focused script. I shall post this as soon as it's complete.

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