Saturday, 14 April 2012

Digital module- Infographics project animatic

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been hard at work on several different projects, university-related and otherwise. I shall of course post the other work that has been keeping me busy as soon as it's finished. With regards to my infographics project, I have collected references, researched iconography and looked deeper into the techniques I shall use to complete my final piece.

Below, you will find the animatic for my infographics animation. I spent a great deal of time drawing the assets for this test, for in addition to helping me judge timing, this video serves as a checklist, showing me exactly what individual assets I now need to create in neat for my final piece. I will be looking to use a mix of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autodesk Maya for this final animation, as detailed in my plans prior to this post.

Bear in mind that the animatic cycles between still images, so in the final animation things will be a lot more dynamic and there will be far fewer pauses! The animatic was created in Photoshop, whereby I moved the images and saved each interim 'frame' as a new jpeg. I then imported the 155 images (a lot, I know!) into After Effects and arranged them to play along-side my final voiceover, originally posted here.

For the final video, I will be adding a collection of sound effects to enhance the animations. These will be added after the animation is complete to match what happens on screen. Whilst I am pleased with the timing in the animatic, when things are moving at their correct pace, it is likely small sections will change slightly.

As usual, I will be updating my blog with a walkthrough of my process creating the final animation. Stay tuned for more soon!

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