Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Preproduction for Specialist Study- the Caslon animation

Here it is- the final Caslon animation! (Well, final for my deadline anyway, since I hear there is talk amongst our tutors about asking us to fully complete this work for use in a larger composite animation in the near future).

Overall, I feel our Caslon animation section is very good, especially given the amount of time allotted for it. The piece we have handed in, though not all parts are final, serves as a strong representation of what such a final animation would be like. Please bear in mind that the voiceover is temporary- should our section be included in the composite animation mentioned above, whereby the sections completed by different students would be compiled, there would be a single new voiceover to accompany it.

The visuals are appropriate for the target audience and for the purpose of the animation, showing enough detail to keep things interesting yet simultaneously not overcrowding the screen with too much at once. The structure of our animation, drawing from our infographics experience, provides information appealing to multiple senses at once to aid in its retention.

There is a varied range of animation styles on show in our animation, which helps to keep what could easily become a dull topic more interesting. This has been for our benefit as much as the animation- we were able to get experience working fast with different techniques, which has helped our adaptability, and through the course of creating this piece have used new computer programs and techniques that will prove useful no doubt in the near future.

The stop-motion element in particular has helped toward my area of specialist study- I was able to try a stop-motion animation using new materials and techniques developed specifically in relation to this task, and was also able to (somewhat) get to grips with the ‘Dragon’ software, something I will it seems be using a lot next year! Though I did not have the time to learn this software to the extent I would have liked, this task served as a great introduction to it and I would definitely say that I have a grasp of the basics now.

As aforementioned, this deadline was very tight, in my opinion due to the fact there were so many parts and so little time. As a result, in order to keep on track, I had to compromise and create assets based on existing images, where I would have preferred to draw from observation and create drawings from scratch as usual. Nevertheless, the results were pleasing and I feel more than suitable for the Caslon brief.

And with that, I bid you farewell! As far as I am aware (fingers crossed!) the completion of this project marks the end of my second year at university! I'm off to enjoy a long, well-earned break. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll be up to something animation-related in my time off (especially if that composite Caslon piece materialises), so check back regularly for updates!

Have a great Summer!

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