Sunday, 28 October 2012

B & S armature construction- part 2

The plus side of the last few days is that the brass beads I purchased from the USA have finally arrived! On the downside, I have been unable to acquire any brass strips to the correct size. Nevertheless, I have found a perfectly suitable workaround- mild steel (below right) strips, cut from a cheap gate handle set, that (luckily) just happened to be the right width and thickness!

Unlike the previous planned method, where I would cut the brass lengthways into 15mm pieces, I shall now need to cut the steel across its width, into small 5mm pieces. This is not really much of a problem, and shouldn’t take much more time, if at all.

From my ‘part 1’ description previously, I covered how my dad and I were in the process of making a wooden channel to hold the strips for manual drilling. This, it turns out, is no longer necessary, since my dad purchased a bench drill! He had wanted to buy one for a while, and the necessity of precise holes being drilled for my project was the little push he needed to invest in one.

In addition, we have borrowed my Grandad’s grinder (bottom left), which will help a great deal when rounding the corners of my B & S sandwich brackets, and removing any flash from the metal we work with.

You can see in the image to the right below, that we have begun to mark out the 5mm pieces, and start the holes using a centre punch. We will first make a perfect master bracket, which we can then use to ensure that all subsequent pieces are drilled in the correct place.

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