Thursday, 18 October 2012

SS1 amended time plan

Well, what can I say about this week? On the plus side, I've begun to collect the parts for my upcoming armature (posts on this coming shortly), but on the other hand there has been some rather disappointing news regarding use of the MILO motion control rig.

Despite my tutors encouraging me to use the MILO for my SS1 project (I originally planned to make use of it for SS2 only), it is pretty much fully booked throughout November- and has been since before the start of term, for a different course that apparently does a module on it. So much for inter-departmental communication.

I have managed to book it for the 26th and 27th November, the only days I could get without it being far too early or ridiculously close to deadline. It is still a lot closer to deadline than I would have liked, being within my buffer period and during the time I hope to be adding the finishing touches to my work. As such, I will most likely not be able to create work using it to the quality I always aim for. Most certainly, there will not be sufficient time for postproduction on any animation I can shoot in those two days.

Here is my amended schedule:

I still aim to animate with my Gollum puppet, but will have to do so with a regular camera set-up for the  main animation. Once everything is complete, I may still be able to do a short test in the time I have managed to book, which can at the very least vouch for me having some experience with the machine.

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