Friday, 5 October 2012

SS1 project plan

Initially, there were a good number of different things I had hoped to achieve during SS1 through separate dedicated micro projects. Time is a severely limiting factor however, and I struggled at first to pick which of my planned micro projects I would progress with. I knew that I would have time to comfortably complete two, maybe three of them at a stretch.

With insufficient time to address these projects individually, it made sense to combine certain aspects from my original plans such that I will be employing various different techniques within each micro project.

Micro project 1: Creating a foam latex build-up puppet

  • Construct professional armature (seek advice from/collaborate with jewellery students)
  • Build foam latex build-up puppet around armature
  • Rig and animate puppet with a green screen, using MILO for camera movement
  • Collaborate with VFX student to digitally extend the set and remove rigging

Micro project 2: Creating a character bust to practice lip sync

  • Create character bust with Super Sculpey
  • Create a mould for making replacement mouths
  • Cast Plasticine replacement mouths and manually add individual expressions
  • Animate lip sync test(s) using replacement animation
  • Work with VFX student to digitally remove seams around replacement parts

You can see that these two projects offer a lot in terms of using different materials and techniques, and together cover everything that I had originally aimed to test, including ample opportunities for both primary and secondary learning/research. Not only do these projects encourage the use of mixed media, which will be beneficial to me in seeing how different materials must work in tandem to produce a complete, singular outcome, but they also give me an excellent structure around which to plan my time effectively. Things must be completed in a specific order since the stages are dependent on one another.

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