Friday, 12 October 2012

SS1 time plan

Planning time effectively is if critical importance- now more than ever, since I have entered my final year. With so much to complete, I need to work according to a carefully considered schedule, which will make sure that I keep on track and complete my micro projects with ample time to spare.

I have created the following spreadsheet to help me plan my activities over the course of this module. Knowing when to stop researching and begin puppet fabrication is perhaps the most important factor here, considering I need to submit a substantial physical piece of work in addition to demonstrating I have learnt new techniques.

I shall constantly refer to this spreadsheet plan throughout this module, updating my progress and thus analysing whether or not I am up to date. This will allow me to adjust accordingly, week by week, to establish the most effective working practices- which will hopefully lead to the best final outcome I can possibly achieve.


  1. Just a question mike, you have booked the MILO haven"t you?

  2. Not yet actually! I need to do so on Monday. If I can't get that exact week, I think the plan's flexible enough that I can move things around a little bit to accommodate it. I needed to plan this out first to see what time frame I'm looking at for booking a slot.