Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Complete B & S armature photos!

With my home-made ball and socket armature now complete (well, save for the wire hands which will be attached shortly), it is only a matter of time before it disappears forever beneath layers of foam and latex. But fear not- the shiny specimen will live on in these high quality images! Enjoy!


  1. cool looking armature! looks sturdy, how big is it?
    very nice work

  2. Hi Mark,

    Yes it is pretty sturdy, I'm really pleased with it! Prior to this, I had only made simple wire armatures, so this was a big jump in terms of quality!

    Since this is the armature that I shall build my Gollum puppet over, it needed to be quite big, as his wrists etc. are very thin and had to house the rods and brackets. This armature stands roughly 12" tall.

    Most stop-motion characters are not this thin, so I expect the 6mm brass beads/brackets I used would be suitable for puppets 6" and up (depending on the width of their limbs).