Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lip sync animation- final video!

So it has come to this- my lip sync animation is complete, after weeks of planning, preparation, model making and animating. All that for 11 seconds! 

I am delighted with the final video, which marks my first attempt at speech in animation, let alone in stop motion! The techniques used here for timing should transfer well across all forms of animation, and the things I have learnt with regards to model making shall no doubt prove invaluable in the future.

I mentioned previously how I began with a digital lip sync (below), whereby photographs of each replacement mouth piece were arranged, according to the audio track, in Adobe After Effects. When it came to creating a full animation, I required a dope sheet to plan out the timing for the eye and brow movements, and I must say that the digital lip sync test was a fantastic resource in noting what must happen frame by frame! It gave me the opportunity to carefully hone the lip sync before committing to the final piece, being filmed straight ahead, and is definitely a method I would recommend and use again.

With a week until deadline, I can tell you this is a great weight lifted! I still have my Gollum puppet to finish, and so with one project complete, I can focus all of my attention on this sole remaining goal from now on.