Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lip sync animation- video references

Well, rather embarrassing as it may be, here are my video references for my 11 Second Club lip sync animation! Please forgive my stern frowny face (all part of the act, I can assure you- well ok, maybe a little bit due to deadline stress!) With deadlines approaching faster than any of us would like, I have made the choice to create a digital 'pure lip sync' test first, using still photos of the replaced mouths, whereby I can use Adobe After Effects to sync the syllable movements with the sound. This is purely to make sure I do have a test in video form, if things should go wrong later in the week.

Of course, with this method there is no opportunity to animate the eyes/eyebrows of the puppet. I still intend to create a proper animation, using a dope sheet, to include these further facial movements. For this, I will naturally be studying my own expressions in the following videos (especially the final test in the second video).

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