Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Oh Well- animatic version 2

Having shown my previous animatic to my tutors and other people over the past week or so, it was clear that certain aspects still needed to be amended. Most felt that Walter's journey was unclear and too brief, that the scene where he walks up a hill was misleading (given that he is walking around the mountain and not up it), and that the snippets of dialogue I included to emphasise the story were unnecessary overall. As a result, I have addressed these points as best I can, and created a second version animatic that has since been approved.

With great relief, I can say that I can now progress to make the final animation. Over the past week, in addition to my new and final animatic, I have drawn up the final 1:1 scale puppet designs for Walter (printed on A3 paper as a reference when model making), which you can find below:

Thankfully, I was able to save a lot of time here- I will be making the armature using my tried and tested method used for my previous project, thus I am able to make good use of the materials left over from before. I was also able to use my same scale joint diagrams from last time, making planning the puppet much more efficient.

I now need to go through my animatic to generate designs for the replacement mouths Walter will require. Then I will be on track to fabricate the puppet, with all aspects planned in that regard.

Following this, I need to generate video references and shot cards detailing exactly what I will need to shoot each scene. I am in the process of looking into green screening in further detail- unfortunately, due to the very tight timeframe I have for the film, I will be looking to green screen as much of the film as possible to reduce the physical sets I will need to build. If all goes to plan, I should even be able to film several shots in one go, cutting to different angles etc. to reduce the amount of filming needed overall.

From here on, as you can tell, things get a bit more straightforward. They are less open ended, there are far fewer questions to answer, and for the most part I will simply be following the plans I have created over the past couple of months.

As follows are a couple of images showing the beginnings of my armature construction (though I should note that I will not be going into as much detail with my blog posts this time, since I would simply be rehashing my previous armature walkthrough linked above):


  1. Great stuff, man. That is one terrific puppet diagram!

  2. Thanks Jon, glad you like it! My planning is finally complete now, so I can begin fabrication. I'm aiming to have the puppet and sets done in a couple of weeks, three at a stretch. Guess I'll have to see how it goes!