Friday, 31 May 2013

Breaking News!

A quick heads-up as to what's going on! It's been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened since then! I have now completed my university course, and my final film is finished- for the most part.

'Oh Well'- progress update

Due to the setbacks I faced last month, I ended up several weeks off target. Resultantly, I made the decision to focus on getting the character animation as best as possible, with the view that the postproduction could be done rough for the submission and then polished later on in my own time. This is indeed the case, and I am now busy improving my film for competition and award submissions. Those last finishing touches make all the difference!

Unfortunately, due to restrictions in the rules for certain competitions or festivals (which require that a film has not previously been posted online), I am holding back on uploading 'Oh Well' for the time being. Besides- it's not the final version yet! Be sure that I am working on it, and will get the film on my blog for you to see as soon as possible!

As a teaser, here's the new updated logo:

Good news, everyone!

I have also been incredibly lucky the past couple of weeks to have had the opportunity of work experience at Aardman Animations! Whilst I cannot yet say what I have been working on, my experience so far has been fantastic. Aardman is a lovely place to work, and I cannot speak more highly of it- everyone is friendly, the atmosphere is great, and best of all it's doing work I enjoy!

First chance to see

In other news, I am proud to say that Yamination Studios, where I have had the pleasure of working part time since last September, has a great new website- and the first tantalising details about the project, aptly titled 'At-issue', have been revealed! Check it out by clicking the link above and get your first glimpse of the hilarious Bart Yogart (who you can follow on Twitter @BartYogart). Don't forget to follow Drew Roper @YaminationS also to stay up to date on all things Yamination!

I have seen some of the animation completed so far, and can honestly say that the progress is incredible. The film is looking amazing, and the hard work of such a lovely team is definitely paying off! I'm sure the film will be very well received when it is released!


That's all for now! Immediately following my work experience, I will be attending my graduate show every night for a week. Suffice it to say that, for the time being, I will continue to be incredibly busy! I'll keep you updated with my progress throughout, so check back periodically!

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