Tuesday, 8 October 2013

BART NEEDS YOU- Why you should back Yamination Studios' new Kickstarter campaign

As regular readers of my blog will know, I've had the pleasure of working these past 12 months at Yamination Studios- an up-and-coming stop-motion animation studio with big aspirations, located in Birmingham, UK.

The studio is in its infancy, currently mid way through production on a stop-motion short film entitled 'At-issue'. Progress has been incredible so far and the film is looking amazing! The hard work of such a friendly and enthusiastic team (comprising both industry veterans and recent graduates such as myself) is definitely showing! Unfortunately however, production costs are rising and the studio requires additional funding to complete the project. A Kickstarter campaign is now underway and looking for people to pledge money to reach the £10,000 goal.

Once At-issue is complete, the company aims to expand to accommodate larger and more ambitious projects in the future, which in turn would create more work opportunities for the animation community and help raise the profile of the industry in the Birmingham area. If that's not reason enough to support the project, I don't know what is!

You can view the campaign through the link below- of course, everything is explained in detail on the page, complete with some really nifty videos!


Nowadays, a very concerning problem with finding work is that the vast majority of job vacancies require experience from an applicant, yet very few are willing to give people a chance to gain said experience. This makes it incredibly difficult for recent graduates, who often struggle to find a footing to begin their careers. With regards to animation in particular, it is truly saddening to see so many talented people unable to obtain work in their desired field, who are forced to fall back on jobs they had not originally intended. This makes it even more difficult to pursue an animation career later on in life when stability and job security become paramount.

I am very grateful to Yamination Studios for offering myself and many others a chance to gain invaluable industry experience. Had it not been for my placement there, I would not have gained the myriad of new skills and techniques put to use in my graduate film, nor would it have been possible to gain such a successful network of contacts within the industry (and resultantly a series of work placements at Aardman Animations). In an industry where success depends so much on getting yourself known and making people aware of your work, I cannot underestimate how much this has helped me.

So please pledge whatever you can to help this young company and support the development of the local animation industry! Let's put Birmingham on the map for animation!


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