Wednesday, 23 October 2013

'Loving Vincent'- an innovative BreakThru

Recently, I was contacted by a representative of BreakThru Films (the Oscar-winning animation studio behind Suzie Templeton's acclaimed stop-motion short 'Peter and the Wolf' [2006]), and was informed of their latest innovative animation project- 'Loving Vincent'.

'Loving Vincent' is a bold and visually authentic exploration of Vincent van Gogh's remarkable mindset via his most famous works, being brought to life through a mixed media process combining 3D computer animation and genuine oil-on-canvas paintings- the stunning aesthetics deriving directly from Van Gogh's colourful and expressive artwork. The film chronicles his life and mysterious death, with alternating styles representing the duality of the real world juxtaposed with the world as seen in his paintings.

The characters, sets and animation will be rendered first in 3D CGI, providing a dynamic framework by which a team of artists (led by director/painter Dorota Kobiela) will create a series of vivid canvas paintings comprising the frames of the film.

The first concept trailer for the film is now available to view online:

And that's not all that's coming- accompanying the film will be an international project entitled 'Vincent on the Walls of the World', whereby workshops will take place at different venues around the globe giving children the opportunity to create an animation, each based on a Vincent painting. Key frames will be sketched out prior to the designs being painted frame-by-frame on a selected wall. The workshops encourage collaboration and the development of organisational and teamwork skills, in addition to promoting and nurturing artistic talent.

'Loving Vincent' is currently at the beginning of production, and its creators are trying to reach as much of the potential audience as possible to spread the word about the project. As I'm sure you will agree, the concept trailer is very unique and impressive, and I for one cannot wait to see the finished film! You can keep up to date by following the film's production process and other activities through the website and official Facebook page.

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