Friday, 18 October 2013

BCU success at the RTS Awards 2013

Myself (right) and fellow graduate Riz Khan (left) at the RTS Awards 2013

What can I say? The Royal Television Society Midlands Centre 2013 Award Ceremony took place last night, where my graduation film 'Oh Well' had been nominated for the Student Animation category! The evening was well organised with much of the local media industry in attendance, including many notable television actors, newscasters and journalists such as the BBC's Nick Owen, ITV Central's Lucy Kite, Nina Nannar and Mark Williams (of Harry Potter fame) to name but a few!

Sadly, 'Oh Well' was not to be the winner this time, with my friend and fellow Birmingham City University graduate Riz Khan proudly taking home the award for his 2D digital animation 'Chime'. Nevertheless, I received a lovely certificate of nomination. The quality of work all round was very high, so congratulations must go out to Riz and all the other nominees!

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  1. Wow, seriously! What the heck. That is a bogus judgment call in my opinion. I just watched the other clip and no offense to your friend, that has nothing on "Oh Well" That said, Oh well could have used some definite fine tuning in the lighting department and camera angles as well as been given a bit more character. Still, as a first project, I feel this was VERY well built, nice job :)